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Finishing "The Bradford Course"

Looking back over the past two and a half years it seems incredible that I have come so far in such a short time. The fact that I have done so is the merit of "Team Hannah", my lovely weave tutor Hannah Robson and the course lead and embroidery tutor Hannah Lamb, together with the other staff at Bradford College, particularly our long-suffering loom technician, Jodie Posen, and Pam Brookes who helped us navigate the perilous waters surrounding Cultural Referencing in Art and Design.

The next few posts in this blog will be dedicated to some of the work I completed during this period. Looking back, there are things in even the earliest projects that I would happily take up again and hopefully turn into something commercial. I guess that just goes to show how much creativity we were able to tap into as a group, each one of us inspiring the others to do even better.

The "Bradford Course" has been synonymous with excellence for many years, and has been the starting-point for a number of successful artist-weavers. My hope now is to join their ranks. Wish me luck!

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Much luck Sarah! You have inspired me to my rug making dreams of long ago. You do beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.😊

Gefällt mir

Good Luck Sarah! Although by looking at your work it’s evident you are an artist/weaver already!😊

Gefällt mir
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